TIM WHITSEL lives on a 100-year floodplain outside Springfield, Oregon. He is passionate about western rivers, gardening, jazz, bicycling, wine and words. For six years Tim directed Windfall, a monthly reading series at the Eugene Public Library. He won first prize at the 2013 Northwest Poets’ Concord. In 2014 and 2017 he was honored with an artist’s residency at PLAYA. He can be heard reading his poems on thepoetryloft.net. Tim’s first collection, We Say Ourselves, was published in 2012 by Traprock Books.

Photo: Andrew Christensen

Tim Whitsel grew up in northeastern Indiana. He has worked as a landscaper, commercial clam-digger, microfilm technician, furniture and appliance salesman, ESL teacher, repo-man, bill collector, equity trader, and stay-at-home dad.

In Whitsel’s poems, we encounter places, rites, decades and nights of perishable abundance. He nurtures apple trees, secrets, prize tomatoes, fascinations and bewildering kids. He journeys between the burden of an heirloom faith and the transcendence of Oregon rivers and skies. The WISH of belonging becomes Whitsel’s grist, his MEAL subject to blemish and ferment.